Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus Strawberry Parfait Smoothie

Bolthouse Farms’ Parfait Smoothie almost makes weird drink status – it’s basically a food that’s been blended up. And it actually tastes just like a strawberry parfait blended up smooth. Contrary to most protein shakes, it’s all natural, with no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or GMO’s. It tastes good, but is naturally a little sour because of the yogurt. If… Read more »

Odwalla Protein Monster: Chocolate Protein

I’ve tried enough of these protein shakes to not expect much from them in the taste department. Especially in the chocolate ones, there is usually some kind of weird aftertaste. To my surprise though, Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster is great. It tastes just like chocolate milk made with whole milk. The chocolate tastes real, and it’s a little thick, but… Read more »

Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus: Mango Review

I’m excited to finally get a pre-made protein shake that isn’t either vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. Bolthouse Mango Protein Plus looks like a nice all natural alternative to the chemical slurries that are most protien shakes. When I first smelled it, there was a hint of ‘protein’ flavor which is common among these types of drinks. However, it doesn’t have… Read more »