An Exercise in Packing Light (For a 6 month Excursion)


This is everything (see the list below)






All fit into one bag

This is the list for 6 months in China with just one pack. Keep in mind: I left in the middle of winter and stayed through until August, I was doing internships in offices, as well as consulting, and I was climbing pretty much every week. I also went snowboarding a few times and only rented the board & boots.

1 large camping backpack

1 daypack (camelback sans water pouch)(in the bigger bag for travel)

1 Laptop (my lenovo W500 which is a beast, definitely not good for travel)
-laptop charger cable

-iphone, usb, plug adaptor
-2 memory sticks filled with miniapps, firefox lite, encrypted passwords (used seldomly, I was being extra-careful)
-small camera with memory cards

1 pair DVS skate shoes for every day

1 pair rock climbing shoes
-plus chalk bag & carabiner

1 blackish-brownish leather belt

1 Wallet (dollars, yuan, credit cards, health cards, etc.)

1 passport & passport photos

Chinese study material

-electric shaver
-nail clippers
-toothbrush, floss, toothpaste

1 bandana
2 pairs of pants (one olive, one brown)
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of trunks (for swimming)
7 t-shirts
1 wool sweater
1 long sleeve waffle shirt
2 dress shirts
1 medium weight coat for all occasions
1 warm hat
6-8 socks
6-8 boxers
1 pair of cheap knit gloves

**The only clothes I bought on the trip were a custom-made suit, flip flops, and some dirt-cheap shoes for the office which I didn’t bring back home (they were really uncomfortable).

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