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Design at Hampton Inn

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The design at Hampton Inn, which I assume was meant to be reassuring comes off as borderline rude. As soon as you walk in you’re hit with constant greetings such as “hello.“, “relax.” and “thanks.” It’s not the words, but the way they’re presented. Is this a typography, branding, or just overall design issue? I’d be interested to hear comments… Read more »

Drinking the Entrepreneurial Kool-Aid

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Thinking about drinks, lets say there are three people sitting together. They’re all thirsty and drinking water. The optimist is glad to see that there is some water left, then happy that his thirst is quenched for the moment. He’s confident that there will be more water to come. The pessimist never thinks there’s enough water, or it’s not cold… Read more »

What Do Johnny Cupcakes and Donald Trump Have In Common?

More than you would think. Johnny Earle came in to speak at Babson last night to tell the story of how he started his t-shirt company, Johnny Cupcakes. It was an entertaining story, but he also had a lot of insights along the way on starting a business with no formal training and what worked for him. I’m sure Johnny… Read more »