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The One Thing You Need to Learn Chinese Quickly

I often get questions about how I picked up Chinese so quickly, and I think it came down to a few key reasons- – I knew I had just 6 months until I would be on a flight to China. – I learned to pronounce and speak first with very little writing. – I was fully committed to practicing every… Read more »

In the Jungle

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2 days out of the big city. No shoes river rocks cocktails with lime break of dawn awake solo journey friends nearby. Push through pain continue, Nature is not comfortable. 4 month training helps move, yet immune & indurance need work. 1 day to recover for 3 days action. Worth it? yes. And yet highly controlled. No raw wild. Next… Read more »

An Exercise in Packing Light (For a 6 month Excursion)

This is the list for 6 months in China with just one pack. Keep in mind: I left in the middle of winter and stayed through until August, I was doing internships in offices, as well as consulting, and I was climbing pretty much every week. I also went snowboarding a few times and only rented the board & boots…. Read more »

Design at Hampton Inn

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The design at Hampton Inn, which I assume was meant to be reassuring comes off as borderline rude. As soon as you walk in you’re hit with constant greetings such as “hello.“, “relax.” and “thanks.” It’s not the words, but the way they’re presented. Is this a typography, branding, or just overall design issue? I’d be interested to hear comments… Read more »