In the Jungle

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costa rica

2 days out of the big

city. No shoes river

rocks cocktails with lime

break of dawn awake

solo journey friends

nearby. Push through

pain continue, Nature

is not comfortable. 4 month

training helps move, yet

immune & indurance need

work. 1 day to recover

for 3 days action. Worth

it? yes. And yet highly

controlled. No raw wild.

Next time be prepared

this is pura vida.


The jungle is loud yet

still. All animals hide

except humans & birds.

It seems to be the

sole domain of plants. They

have covered every last

surface, just allowing the

animals to move in between.

Life is merciless & unrelenting

doing anything to survive

and reproduce, and at this

point on earth, it is a zero

sum game. Life is every-

where and one more

organism from a single species

leaves less room for more life

and we need more space.

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